Is It True That The Empower Network Is A Legal Money Making Opportunity?

Today there are many new Opportunities popping out of the blue on the internet. Some are legal issues but there certainly is a lot going on out there that shouldn’t be trusted. Get rich quick schemes are everywhere and if you are not careful you might just get stuck in one. The way you can tell a legal money making opportunity from a scam is that a scam offers big money in an instant without having you provide any real value to the market. Its tempting to a lot of people to get involved with such scam, because – who doesn’t like the idea of doing little or nothing and get a lot in return..? But we have to face realities and understand that the only way to earn real money in an honest way is to provide value to the marketplace..!


A money making opportunity – lets take a look!

First of all the leadership is very important and that should tell you straight away if the business is reliable. An easy step to get around this is to “google” the guys and find out what they have done in the past. Now, if it’s not possible to get any information that way you might be a little more aware of what is going on – not saying that it instantly turns the business illegal but now a days almost anyone has some sort of profile on the internet.

The Empower Network was founded by the 2 online marketing stars David Wood and David Sharpe. These guys seems like a perfect match in the sense that they can support each other very well. With David Wood’s marketing experience and Sharpe’s copy writing skills they can pack some lethal impact on the industry!


What they are offering is a pretty unique money making opportunity

By subscribing you will get a blog that is set-up and ready for you to go crazy on. You don’t need a domain or hosting, the guys have been taking care of that. All you have to do is follow the step by step guide inside the system and you are up and running. And as member you get access to a value-packed back office with wisdom that the 2 Dave’s have accumulated over the years.

What they are offering as a money making opportunity is very lucrative and never-seen before. They are offering 100% commissions on everything you are entitled to earn commission on..! Now how is that for a money making opportunity…? So lets say that you are a member and all you do is referring one person who also becomes a member – now you have your money back and even has a membership that provides you with weekly nuggets for you to use as you see fit.

The beautiful thing about this is the choice of just using the interface as a blog where you can blog freely on – which by the way is a high SEO optimised blog so you don’t need to do all the Back-linking and SEO stuff to get a good page rank in Google which means exposure to your blog – which potentially means more money to you if you feel like making a business out of it.

money making opportunity Is It True That The Empower Network Is A Legal Money Making Opportunity?


The Empower Network offers real value to people and has an unique payment plan with some potent leaders at the top. So all in all that is a huge plus! But you have to be willing to be consistent in your engagement and do what is necessary to get traffic to your blog. The money doesn’t flow until you start working and get busy. Then and only then will you have a possibility to earn the 100% commissions.

Ps. Does this sound kind a exciting then go click on the link at the top of the site and find out what its all about!

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