How To Develop Self Confidence Like A Lion King!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a developed self confidence like a badass lion?!.. Just thought that sounded pretty cool.. icon wink How To Develop Self Confidence Like A Lion King!

But seriously – that would be awesome and I think that almost everyone in this world can agree that they want more confidence in a specific situation or in general..!

develop self confidence How To Develop Self Confidence Like A Lion King!

What I will discuss here is not the situational based confidence but rather the self based confidence.

I don’t wanna go in depth with the difference but I’ll give some quick pointers in order to cross a line between them.

Situational confidence works in a situation – let’s say, you went out at night to meet with some friends at a club in your home town. Now when you enter the club you might feel happy depending on whatever state of mind you tend to have towards clubs and at this point you don’t feel overly confident but you feel pretty normal… As you go inside the club you realize that all of your friends from town have showed up and suddenly you feel like a the coolest and you have no worries what so ever…!  It might seem obvious what happened but a widely acknowledged opinion is that – back when the caveman lived several thousand years ago. The caveman had to make friends to raise his chance for survival and by that contributing to each other. Whereas now a days we don’t need to make friends in the same way. But by having them we feel happy and subconsciously think that we have some sort of backup if it gets hot!

Self confidence springs out from a deeper level of the mind whereas situational confidence can be granted and taken away in a minute. Self confidence is something you have to work on consistently over time. It is a part of who you are… Like a part of your personality! You are getting your confidence from your mind and not from external situations that just happened. Its something you have everywhere you go – like your right arm or your glasses (if you use those). Lol – what a metaphor..

One thing that we have to understand is that self confidence is a state of mind. Which means that it is something that you have the power to control if you choose to!

So how do you develop self confidence?

Well, there is a lot that goes into it. And the most practical way to develop self confidence in my experience is to do some sort extreme sport like sky diving or river rafting. Talking to complete strangers in public is also a very effective way… Look, what it basically comes down to is doing stuff that scares you and essentially things you haven’t tried before. And I promise you, if you haven’t been sky diving before, it feels fantastic when you touch mother earth again… And when you are in the air..! hehe

An awesome mental exercise that I learned about a year back is the realisation that whatever emotional thought you have in mind is kind of a trance…! Try to think of something bad that happened to you or your family. This should make you feel sad by the way. Now as you think of this situation, realise that it is a state of mind/thought (aka trance) and jump out of it! Forget it! Now try think of something pleasant and let the thoughts flow… Again, realise that that also is a trance and jump out of the thought!

Do you see what is happening…? You are in control of your mind and by practising this to get you out of “bad” trances and keep you in good ones. You will develop self confidence and more awareness of yourself by doing this.


So go out and try new things that inspire you and feel free to check out my site. And remember – we only live once! icon smile How To Develop Self Confidence Like A Lion King!

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